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ACMP Services puts their trust in Putzmeister Telebelt® conveyors. They are the world’s foremost truck-mounted telescopic belt conveyors, leading the industry for almost half a century.

Telebelts efficiently handle multiple tasks and a wide range of materials, overcoming job site obstacles with flexible, reliable ease. Telebelts convey aggregate of all kinds, as well as a multitude of concrete slump mixes. Including stiff slumps and unpumpable mixes. We also have three sizes of hoppers for a wide range of material placement and volumes.  

  • Concrete
  • Rock and gravel up to 4 inches, including decorative landscape rock
  • Sand
  • Bark
  • Slurry
  • Mulch
  • Soil
  • Wood

The horizontal reach of the Putzmeister Telebelt TB130 is phenomenal – over 126 feet – with a low unfolding height of under 16 inches and 360-degree hydraulic rotation. Hydraulic butterfly outriggers make the conveyor easy to set up and take down, even in the most crowded areas. This allows ACMP to move from job site to job site quickly. Plus, the conveyors’ smooth, surge-free flow and minimal drop distance result in uniform loading.


  • Strong, lightweight and easy to control
  • Reduce time moving product
  • Fast and accurate
  • High volume output
  • Quick setup and teardown
  • Save time, labor and money
  • Multiple types of placement in one day
  • Low clearances and rough terrain are no problem
  • Less to no material waste
  • Cleaner jobs sites

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The Difference Between a Concrete Pump and Telebelt (Conveyer)

A concrete pump uses a pump to distribute concrete through an enclosed line. However, concrete pumps are limited to only distributing concrete. On the other hand, a telebelt places concrete and other materials to the site using an open conveyer belt that provides more options for placing a variety of materials on job sites. 

Superior Customer Service 

ACMP Services has built a reputation on reliability and superior customer service within the construction industry that begins before our trucks even arrive at the jobsite. Our experience and concrete pumping knowledge allows us to deliver cost-saving solutions, such as shortened concrete placement times, enhanced jobsite safety and improved construction quality. 

We welcome the opportunity to be part of the pre-planning process to ensure each project we take on is done safely and efficiently. To Ensure we support you every step of the way, we offer:

  • 24-Hour Dispatch
  • Trained Technicians and Mechanics
  • Full Line of Spare Parts
  • Pre-Construction, Pre-Job Checks, Pre-Planning by Experienced Professionals
  • Direct Contact with Dispatchers
  • Ensure Clean Job Sites

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